What It Takes To Become A Formula One Driver


Formula One driving is a sport that requires the driver to be absolutely fit .They belong to the highly conditioned group of athletes. The physical demands on their bodies are so enormous that they need to maintain their stamina and endurance at every point of the race.

Extensive and rigorous training is required to maintain this pace. They should also be capable of handling the stress and strain, both physical as well as mental. Formula One drivers are exposed to extreme climatic conditions too. The cockpit is a chamber of heat mostly and sometimes they can sweat off up to 3kgs of their weight in a single race.

The fitter the driver is, the more are the chances for him to win the race. Any Formula one driver should be able to cope with fatigue and also lapses of concentration due to the stress. Strict cardio vascular exercises are given to them for long periods as they need to maintain their physical fitness levels throughout the season.


They also need to undergo strength training to build up their muscle mass. Their chest and neck muscles have to bear a lot of strain and so strength training is an essential part of their exercise regime. These drivers will need specially designed rigs which will not be found in regular gyms. Only such rigs will help to develop the neck and chest muscles. They need to be strong enough to bear cornering forces and to support the heavy helmet.

Another supporting training aid is the batak reaction board. Since hand eye coordination is compulsory in such races, the driver is trained to be more responsive.
As in all programs, exercise alone is not enough to keep anyone fit. The Formula one drivers have to follow a strict diet to maintain their body weight. More often a protein rich diet is incorporated with lots of fluids. A driver must always have lots of water to prevent dehydration on the race course.

Staying fit and healthy is half the way to victory!