What are the best shoes to wear for racing?

We normally choose shoes for fashion and style. However, for car racers, it is beyond that. The kind of shoes that they choose to wear affects their driving performance and their safety while driving. This is why it is extremely important for car racers to choose the right pair of shoes not just to succeed but to remain protected.

The key in choosing the right shoes is focusing on the soles and heels. If the soles are too thick, it means that the driver will have a hard time feeling the pedals properly. The driver will not have the accurate judgement on the amount of pressure to apply. This means that braking or accelerating may be done hastily and could endanger them as a result. This is true especially in an environment like a race track where everything is moving really quickly.

At maximum, the soles should be 10mm or 1cm thick. Anything thinner is better, but it has to be of high quality or else it could rip apart in the middle of the race. Wide soles should also be avoided as it could lead to the pressing of two pedals at once. If it happens, it could put the driver’s life in danger. The point in choosing the right sole is for the driver to determine how much pressure to apply. It also means that the driver must be used to that particular kind of shoes and not just wear it for the first time during the actual race.

In choosing the right heels, it is pretty simple. High heels are a big no. the heel of the foot must be able to touch the pedal immediately. High heels will prevent it from happening.

What are the best choices?

For regular drivers, moccasins are perfect for driving. They are think shoes that are really soft and with thin soles. For racers, racing boots are highly recommended. They are designed mainly for racing. Though they seem huge and heavy, the truth is that they are actually very light. Drivers can easily move their feet using the said boots.

Choosing the right brand is also extremely important. Take note that thin-soled shoes are the top priority. However, if they were created by untrusted brands, they could easily be destroyed. Car racing is an intense environment and only the best shoes from the best brands can take the heat.

The shoelaces must also be easily tied and hidden. They must not affect the performance in any way. In fact, there are some shoes that don’t have laces at all so that the drivers don’t have a hard time dealing with them especially if they untangle in the middle of the race.

Finally, aesthetics must also come into play. Car racers are deemed cool by many. They are doing an extreme sport. This means that their overall appearance must be in sync with the kind of image that they project. It is just a bonus though. This must not be the priority in choosing the right shoes. Besides, other than the track, these shoes are not appropriate for use elsewhere. You might feel awkward wearing them as regular shoes.

Be a professional racer

For now, choosing the best shoes might be difficult. You have to consider the brand and the amount that you are willing to pay for it. Don’t worry though. As soon as you can make a big name in this industry, choosing the best shoes will no longer be a problem. In fact, you will just need to choose from among the potential sponsors who are willing to provide you with the best shoes to use for the race.

Just like other sports, car racing also has sponsors and they normally sponsor the outfit used by car racers. Considering that their name is on the line, they will definitely give you something that will make you feel comfortable during the race. They will even try and give you a customized pair of shoes that work well with you.

If you are choosing the best shoes for your next battle on the track, you might want to check out sites like Shoe Ratings. Doing so with guarantee you won’t end up wearing the wrong shoes.