How to Plan Properly For A Formula One Grand Prix


All set to attend your Formula One Grand prix? Take a look at some of the points you have to consider before planning your journey.

Cost involved
You have to plan well ahead for watching the race. Formula One races are expensive, however with proper planning, you can adjust to include race weekend within your budget. The hotel bookings, tickets etc will come to around $500 to $1000.Normally the general admission ticket to attend the race day only comes to around $100 USD.

Purchasing the tickets
You can get your tickets after checking the required dates with your tour operators. Some race organizers deal with their own ticket sales through the official website. You can also get tickets through F1 ticket companies like and

Reaching your destination
You have to plan your journey as soon as you get your tickets. As most events are held in major cities, conveyance will not be a problem. Flights, trains and other sources will always be there. The trick is to book your tickets early enough so that it fits your budget as well.

Choosing your accommodation is another aspect to consider. It is best to travel light and pack only the necessary things.

Finding your way to the track should also be done before the race or you will find it hard on the day of the race. So finally after reaching your track, sit back and enjoy your race!