How To Get Tickets And Watch A Good Race


Formula 1 races are a source of constant excitement and thrill. There is such a rush to get tickets for these races. Most of you would have experience d the disappointment in not obtaining the tickets .Nowadays there may be options of obtaining the tickets online as well. Here are some easy tips to follow:-

Choose the race by checking the formula 1 calendar

You need to check the official site of Formula 1 for the current calendar. There may be changes to the dates of races every year .So make sure you are checking the latest calendar. You can also find the dates of the free practice sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Try picking early season races. If not available check out the late season ones

There will be more competitors in the early season races. Likewise the later season races will focus more on those who are likely to win the competition. Also try to get the track map early enough so that you can study it and be more familiar with the route the drivers are taking. This will make the race more interesting for you.


Select the dates you need to go as per the race selected

Choose the race you wish to see and check your available dates too. If you need to move to another country, make sure you have your passport, visa and other important documents ready. You do not want to have to rush through details at the last minute. So make sure you have all the documentation done well before the actual dates.

Select your seating area

You will find the seating arrangement very clearly on the track map. You can choose to sit in the grand stand seats or the Paddock Club. There will be television stands at every place to see the action closer.

If you have decided on all the above factors, you can approach your tour operator for further details and confirmation of tickets.