Do Race Car Drivers Need to Wear Compression Socks?

Compression socks are commonly used by people who work long shifts standing up. These are also indicated for diabetics, as well as for those who have varicose veins. Other people who would benefit from compression socks include some athletes, as well as long distance truck drivers. When you think about it, if you see yourself prone to oedema, or if you experience numbness of the extremities, a compression sleeve or a compression sock would be a great help.

Although race car drivers do not mention if they do wear compression socks or not, it would be expected that some of them do. In studies conducted about athlete performance, the use of compression socks has shown improved performance for some athletes. Long distance drivers also require it to relieve pressure that builds up on their lower extremities.

For a long time, NFL players have been wearing compression shorts that they borrowed from their wives or girlfriends. This was before compression shorts were ever sold for men. The support that the athletes got helped relieve pain from the stress of running while wearing all of the football gear. Cyclists were among the first who knew the help that compression shorts could give. Current models of cycling shorts also had additional padding for the buttocks. Basketball players, on the other hand, wore compression shorts under their basketball shorts.

Jockeys have also been known to wear compression shorts. Even though a horse race can finish in a few minutes, the point is that jockeys do not ride the saddle. With their feet firmly inside the stirrup, they float atop the horse, reading how the horse runs and also assist in its movement. This can put a lot of stress on the thigh, calf, hamstring, buttocks and the back muscles. In this dangerous sport, they know that they can literally fly off the horse at any point in the race.

Since the time that compression shorts became common gear for sports, other types of compression sleeves have also been introduced to the market. Although not all athletes use compression wear, the advantages of these can be tremendous for some. Of course, this is not always the case for everyone. However, wearing the best compression sleeve can help with sore muscles or elbows.

Race car drivers are some of the most safety concerned sportsmen. They understand that if they do not take care to be safe by wearing the right gear, then they may not be able to perform the next time. Driving long hours during practice laps, as well as during the race, drivers want to make sure that they respond as fast as their mind can think, and that they can react even faster. That cannot happen if the leg muscles start to go numb or even if they get sore or tired. Compression socks help the body to pump blood efficiently to the legs and prevents the accumulation of unnecessary fluids.

Under all of a race car driver’s clothes, he has to be wearing compression socks as well as compression shorts to help him run the race better, as well as to keep his body healthy through all the stress of the race.

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