Do I Need Any Specific Degree To Work In F1?


Most of you would love to know what kind of degrees you require to start working with F1. There are many queries on this topic. Lots of people think that specialist degrees are required to attain a position in F1. However this is not completely true. There are different roles in the industry and you do not need a degree for all of them.

You will need an Engineering degree only if you are keen on working as a designer or aerodynamicist. In these cases also you do not need any specialist degree. What the F1 team is basically looking for is a solid engineer with practical knowledge and experience.

Though there are many institutions claiming to teach you all about what you need, there is no point in attaining these degrees if you cannot convert this theoretical information into practical knowledge. You need to prove that you are capable of applying what you know on the field .That too you need to be quick to respond to the situation and act accordingly. These degrees which have no depth and are taught just for the sake of passing an exam will be completely useless there.

Getting sound knowledge and experience with the qualifications you have is what is actually required.