Becoming An F1 Driver – Tips To Know


Having a career as a Formula One Driver is a dream come true for many people. He should be dedicated and physically fit. Though it looks glamorous and full of adventure to outsiders, you should know what it takes to become a successful driver.

Know the pros and cons

You are not an actor in the movies. So get real. Think and think some more about what you are choosing to do. If racing is your passion and you are determined to succeed, well and good. However if you are simply trying it out to know what it is, be careful. As a beginner, you will need a huge financial support. The big races are sponsored and will not cost you much as there will be sponsors to back you and give financial aid. However this does not happen overnight, you have to struggle in the beginning in the lower formula levels. This is not an easy thing as you will have to support yourself financially in the beginning.


The beginning

This is the toughest part. Your success depends on your willpower to overcome all odds and make it through the first stages. Financial support, determination, physical fitness and mental strength will help you come out of the beginners steps. Start your steps by attending all possible courses in karting. This will help you get a feel of the journey and you can decide if it is meant for you or not.

Another option to start is to attend a racing school. Be sure to enroll in a reputed place as you will be exposed to many practical sessions here. Again if you feel the passion, never let go. However if you understand that racing is not for you, turn back and move on to a suitable career.

Climb higher

As you gain confidence, climb higher slowly. Progress by learning all the required lessons in each step. The basics are often what you require till the last day you race. Mostly the order will be more or less like this:-
· Karting
· Formula Ford
· GP3
· Formula 3
· GP2
· F1

Tread carefully and go achieve your dreams !